Bioplastics: a case study of Bioeconomy in Italy

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Bioplastics: A case study of Bioeconomy in Italy provides a no-nonsense case in support of public policies that modify consumption patterns, contribute solving environmental issues while stimulating product and process innovation all along a product’s life-cycle.

Analysis of legislation introduced in Italy in 2011 to effectively impose both re-usable, i.e. durable bags, and single-use biodegradable compostable carrier bags details a success story:

- consumers have changed their behaviour by cutting down single-use carrier bags by 50%;

- biodegradable, compostable carrier bags have substituted the remaining single-use carrier bags, thus triggering further positive effects by becoming:

- bio-waste collection containers that favour recycling

- communication vehicles by being and carrying appropriate messages.

Furthermore this has supported the market uptake of innovative, sustainable niche products thus fostering innovation and development of the bioeconomy.